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Mar 21

Around-The-Clock Care

Our second set of services chief medical officer: Anna Smithage: 5 - 80 2709

Our Around-The-Clock Care service is designed for those who are bed-bound and require shifted caregiving, including throughout the night. This is your 24-hour home care that is full-time, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Here, you are in the care of professionals who provide personal and nutrition care, medical reminder and companionship at any given time. RelyOne provides you the peace of mind that you always have support at all times.

We find that this is crucial when clients have undergone surgery, require end-of-life care, have dementia and/or there is a need for constant monitoring due to poor motor skills. Despite this, the 24/7 Around-The-Clock Care is designed for families who find that this is a suitable option for them.